Why is Snape so mean to Harry


How so so many Like Snape, I can't answer, but at least I can answer why I likes him. ^^

For me, Snape was one of the few characters I couldn't grasp. In each book, a piece of his personality was added, which ultimately made the puzzle more and more assemblable, but still there were many dark spots that were never filled. How was Snape in his spare time? Did he have any preferences, any "hobbies"?

With Potter and Co, I felt like I knew everything and none of it really surprised me. They were very smooth characters, very predictable and structured. That doesn't mean I didn't like her because of that. But what I found most interesting was the Malfoys and Snape, because the focus wasn't on them non-stop and their actions often surprised me.

I could imagine that Rowling's writing style makes a lot of difference here: Her sometimes extreme black and white painting simply makes the few gray characters stand out more clearly and brings them (at least from my point of view) much more interest and sympathy for them. Of course, Snape is often sadistic and, as a teacher, an absolute miscast. But for me the point just comes into play that it's fiction. It is and remains a book for me. And in a book I can sometimes find a person who I would not like in real life. That's the wonderful thing about imagination. It gives you the freedom to like and dislike characters without having to give a reason. For example, I don't like Dobby without being able to say why. I just don't like him. But I like Snape and I like the Malfoys, including Draco, without being able to give a detailed psychological report on why. ?

I think most people who like and idolize Snape would loathe him in real life - and I'm sure to admit it if asked about it.

It's similar with me, too, and yet I see the whole thing quite Komplezer than you do.

But first to Snape. I have to admit, when I was 12-13 years old when I read the books and really started to be Potterhead (it's been 7 years now, too).

I hated Snape there. I hated him simply because he was an unsympathetic ass, in the eyes of me as an early pubescent boy, because he was a teacher who favors targeted students, and students who are disadvantaged because they are in a different house like himself .

I read the Harry Potter books, I read an Incredible World from a person's point of view.

When I finished Volume 7, I didn't really hate Snape anymore.

But I didn't really like him until years later. Now, he's one of my favorite characters.

Why ?
Because I understood why he was like that. Basically, Snape was, as I mean, just a person who can be sorry.
He was an outsider, he had few friends, well, actually none at all. And he would be bullied. Bullied by the marauders, by Gryffindors, by James Potter.
And who knows, maybe. was it only because of this that he became fascinated by the dark arts?
We don't really know because Snape never referred to it in the books.
So, we find that Snape is traumatized by the bullying by a certain group and by a certain person. He hates Harry because he's like James Sr. and he hates Gryffindor because they remind him of the hard times in his youth.
And yet he also likes Harry because Harry has the eyes of the only person he's ever been in love with. (Yeah ... I know, don't be scared, I'll never write again, here in this comment).
This excuses NOTHING from the wrong things or from what I call it .. Soul revenge, it doesn't do it well that he did it out of a trauma out of his youth.

They're not doing well ... but they make the character Snape ... something completely different ... they make him a human.

People are not only good, people are not only bad ... people are all bad ... and yet all good too.
Black and white painting is for me as a reader, lw. And that's why, as an author, I try to create characters that have both, a good side, but also a not so good side.

Because that's how we humans are, too. Both good and bad.

And, yes, also e.g. Dumbeldore has such typical human weaknesses as ... e.g. hate. Just like e.g. Narcissa is just as loving a mother as Lily sen. but what is often forgotten.
But, with no one is this gray as evident as with Snape.
And I like Narcissa much more than Dumbeldore because I don't find "good" characters that I catch being bad as sympathetic as "bad" characters that I catch being good.
Even if I know that I'm not a dagger, better than Dumbeldore.

Although Lucius, his son, certainly also loves ... but I think it comes across more clearly with Narcissa.

Oh ... who am I kidding? You're right, some you just like, some you just don't like. This is the same for the reader of a fictional story as it is in reality.

I don't need to be more intellectual now, as I am: DDD.