What is AHO Automatic Headlight On

What changes in the technical regulations in 2016

A very good year has come to an end for the motorcycle industry. Now the first questions about the technical and administrative innovations are in the foreground, because the European Union has completely overhauled the technical regulations for vehicle approval. Not all new requirements will take effect this year, the most demanding innovations will not take effect until 2017.

New types, new models - the subtle difference
Since January 1st, only the new types have been affected - from 2017 onwards all models. The legislature defines a new type as a vehicle for which a new approval is being applied for for the first time. Usually this is either a new model or an update of the vehicle to the new regulations. In general terms, all new models offered in 2016 also comply with the new regulations. And there will be well-known models that have simply been adapted to technical specifications, but formally require a new type approval. If you want to know exactly, you can take a look at the approval documents. In Part I, field V.9 simply contains an unadorned reference to the new framework ordinance 168/2013.

Automatic light switch-on - old hat in the new legal text
However, nothing will change in the approval practice for 2016. New and old regulations can still be approved. Except for the light switch! Since Europe wants to protect motorcyclists from their own forgetfulness, all vehicles must have an automatic light switch-on from January 2016, the so-called AHO Automatic Headlamps On.

Most vehicle manufacturers made this small safety feature mandatory around 10 years ago. Now the legislator is following the good idea and introducing it by law. Vehicles without AHO may therefore no longer be registered - a national temporary exemption can only be granted by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

Unfortunately, the introduction of AHO had consequences in the administrative area, because there was no test specification in the old type approval and therefore no documentation whatsoever as to which model AHO already has and which vehicles are still equipped with the switch. That is why the vehicle manufacturers were forced to officially amend their type approvals.

Approval and approval - a European disharmony
Europe is not yet completely in step. The registration law is a purely national matter, the approval of vehicles, on the other hand, is harmonized across Europe. Vehicle manufacturers can freely choose "their" approval authority, since all type approvals are equivalent and must be recognized by the respective member state. In Germany the KBA is the type approval authority, but there are many such authorities in Europe.

A valid type approval is the basis for the approval of a motorcycle in Germany; However, following the European idea of ​​a free internal market, it no longer necessarily has to come from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg.

How does the registration office know whether a vehicle is equipped with AHO or not? This fact is not apparent from the approval documents such as the CoC or Part II. In other words, ultimately the approval bodies have no direct means of checking. This could lead to situations in which additional information is required from individual approval bodies. For these individual cases, the manufacturers / importers have prepared a list of the respective type approval authorities with the type approval numbers of the vehicles that already have AHO.

In the same breath as AHO, the EU also wanted to stipulate the tightness of non-metallic tanks. Since this test has been a documented part of the type approval for a long time, no further action is necessary.

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