What are family meals

Family meals

Eating together is a great way to gather family members around the table. Of course, every family has their own preferences and peculiarities when it comes to eating - from typical family dishes to certain ways of dining at the table to family dishes. All of this together makes up the personal “eating culture” of a family, which creates a feeling of belonging as well as togetherness.

Meeting the whole family at the dining table on a regular basis has long since ceased to be a matter of course. Employment of the parents, school hours, opening times of childcare facilities, visits to the doctor, sports clubs, music lessons and much more often tie everyday family life into a tight schedule. It is often difficult to get everyone to the table at the same time and to eat together in peace. It is rather the order of the day that the once cooked food is reheated in several stages.

Sometimes there is just no other way. But despite all the obstacles: Try to eat together as often as possible - if possible with all family members. Ideally, the family should meet at a set time at least once a day to eat together. Which meal this is is not decisive; What is more important is that there is enough time available for the family meal.

Through the common meals at the family table, your child not only feels that they belong, they can also experience

  • that food is not irrelevant,
  • that (healthy) food is fun and tastes good,
  • that it is nice to eat at a lovingly laid table,
  • that a cheerful atmosphere at the table increases enjoyment.