Why were giant pandas given?


This content was published on August 9, 2019 - 12:44 p.m. (Keystone-SDA)

Two rare giant panda babies were born in Belgium. "Hao Hao gave birth to two adorable giant pandas on Thursday," said Pairi Daiza animal park in the southwest of the country on Twitter on Friday. "This is marvelous news."

The two "pink shrimps" were in excellent health, it was said with a view to the still hairless animals. In addition, the zoo posted photos in which the mother carries the little ones in her mouth or in her arms.

According to the animal welfare organization WWF, giant pandas are among the most threatened animal species in the world. The babies therefore weigh only between 80 and 200 grams at birth - fully grown up to 120 kilograms. According to the information, 1864 (as of February 2015) animals live in the wild, all in six mountain regions in southwest China.

In 2016, Hao Hao had a baby named Tian Bao ("Heaven's Treasure"). Hao Hao has lived in the Belgian zoo since the beginning of 2014. Together with her partner Xing Hui, she is on loan from the Chinese government for 15 years.

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