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Country, people, student life - impressions from Greece

It can happen that quickly - I've been in Ioannina for over two months now. In Greece for over three months. Because who with Erasmus+ goes to Ioannina, receives a six-month scholarship. I used the time to attend a Greek language course in Athens before the start of the semester so that I can at least communicate a little in Greek.

However, if you don't speak Greek, you won't be completely lost here, as almost everyone at the university can speak English. The Erasmus coordinator responsible for historians even speaks fluent German, which of course made it much easier for me to deal with all the formalities on site.

The courses are all in Greek, but at least on the courses I have chosen, it is not a problem to do an essay or an oral exam in English. The lecturers are very helpful to me and all speak fluent English, some - like my Erasmus coordinator - even German. Nevertheless, I also attend a Greek course at the university that is free for Erasmus students - after all, I also want to understand what is going on in the courses.

The historical seminar in Ioannina has a pretty good reputation in Greece - I can particularly recommend Ioannina to students specializing in Byzantine Studies. In addition to Byzantine Studies, there are of course other historical seminars, such as history of the Balkans and European history. There is something for everyone here. I chose some courses on Greek history. Above all, the courses here on site offer a completely different perspective on European history.

But what would everyday university life be without other students? The people here at the university are all very friendly, open and above all helpful. Many students help me if I don't understand something and translate Greek into English for me. My big advantage is that I'm the only Erasmus student at the historical seminar, so I inevitably have a lot of contact with other Greek students. I have really made a lot of friendships here, which will certainly continue beyond my time here in Ioannina.

Of course, life here is not all about learning. Since Ioannina is a student city, there are many wonderful cafés and pubs that invite you to linger. When I got here, I first had to get used to the fact that people meet here in the evening for coffee and not for a beer in the pub. In addition to the gastronomic offer, the city can also convince with many cultural aspects. But the most beautiful thing about Ioannina is the landscape in which the city is embedded. Right on a lake, surrounded by many mountains: The view of the city is breathtaking in the truest sense of the word - and not just because of the steep ascent that you have to master before enjoying the view.

That's it for me for today

Πολλούς χαιρετισμούς (Many greetings) from Ioannina,



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