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02.07.1999 15:58

CC-Nanochem Interdisciplinary cooperation network for chemistry-based nanotechnologies

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Competence center nanotechnology

The CC-Nanochem Competence Center represents an open, interdisciplinary network that currently includes 19 universities, 23 research centers and institutes, 50 small and medium-sized companies, 15 large companies and 7 consultants and venture capitalists.

The aim of the center is to use the innovation potential of chemical-based nanotechnologies for the development of new products and processes and to bring them into application, thus essentially strengthening Germany's position in international competition in the field of chemical nanotechnologies.

In addition, it is planned to establish chemistry, which is traditionally strong in Germany, in nanotechnologies through activities of the competence center and to build bridges between chemistry, physics, materials and engineering, microelectronics, biology and medicine.

The basis is formed by chemically active units in nanometer dimensions such as supramolecules or nanocrystals (e.g. from metals, ceramics or semiconductors) in various matrices, chemically modified carrier materials with nanometer dimensions, "top-down" structures in the nanometer range and materials with internal interfaces that are based on molecular Level are controlled.

The practical implementation and application of these structures takes place within the framework of topic-centered joint projects. For this purpose, on the one hand, the entire process technology from the scientific basics (e.g. the functionality of nanomaterials) through processing technology and shaping technology to application technology is developed. On the other hand, analytics and functional tests are optimized for specific applications.

The main tasks of the center are

* organizational support of the network,
* Implementation of workshops on promising topics, dissemination of information as well as training and further education,
* Broadening the knowledge base through appropriate public relations work inside and outside the center and
* Definition of joint projects together with industrial partners.

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