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Partnership: This is how love is preserved

Love is not a gift from heaven. It only lasts if you do something about it. The most important tips.

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1. Friendship is part of love

“That is the prerequisite for a functioning relationship,” says the Viennese sex therapist Gerti Senger. The partners should be loyal, be there for one another and be able to trust one another. If, on the other hand, there is only a sexual bond between the two, then the relationship is flat and meaningless.

2. Matching the "love styles"

"The starting position has to be right," says the expert. A difficult constellation for a long-term partnership is, for example, a man who does not take loyalty so seriously and a woman who is precisely what is important.

3. Common values ​​and interests

There are also problems with the constellation extreme athlete versus couch potato. According to Senger, it is important when a man and woman have common values ​​and interests - for example traveling, gardening or sports. "The couple shouldn't just keep an eye on themselves, they should also focus on something together."

4. Signals of connectedness

A tender look, a furtive touch - in a relationship it is important to pay attention to signals from the other. “Every gesture, every look has a meaning, as does a raised voice or an irritated answer,” says Senger. "Signals of connectedness" are particularly important - for example, touching, looking each other in the eye.

5. Maintain courtesy

The partners should also say “Please” and “Thank you” in everyday dealings with one another. Unfortunately, the reality is different: “These are things that are unfortunately often lost in everyday life,” Senger regrets.

6. Must be fun

A pinch of humor is part of every good relationship. "You should meet annoying habits that you have already tried unsuccessfully to break your partner's habit with with a smile," explained Senger. This made it easier to cope with stressful situations - regardless of whether it is about the dirty plates in the wash, a recurring, annoying topic of conversation or the way he drinks from the water glass.

7. Clearly regulate questions of money

The financial question of “who pays what” should also be settled, otherwise there will be a rude awakening. "For many, money is a taboo subject," says Senger. But it is essential to talk about it, as she knows from practice. Many couples who come to her argue about the love of money.

8. Seek harmony with each other's family

Although only a man and woman stand in front of the altar at a wedding, the reality is that the family will be married. That is why it is important to be tolerant and open-minded towards her and to respect her habits and morals.

9. Take time to get to know each other

According to Senger, there is no ideal time to get married, but one thing is certain: "Six weeks are not enough to know that the other person is the right one." Because a relationship needs trust and that is a process that takes more than a few weeks.

10. Don't lose respect and appreciation

Cultivating feelings as well as respect and appreciation are important for a stable marriage or partnership. "You are often friendlier to the gas station attendant than to your partner - and that shouldn't be," says Senger. Respect also includes respect for oneself. One should take care of oneself, prepare oneself and not walk around neglected at home all day.

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    This is how love is preserved

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| Updated: September 9, 2020

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