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Link in bio on TikTok: More traffic via the video platform

Many companies use the various social media channels to drive traffic to their website. The "Link in Bio", as it is known for example on Instagram, means a valuable marketing tool for companies. The relatively young platform TikTok had not yet made this space available for a link in the profile description. Recently, however, screenshots appeared that show that tests are currently being carried out to include a link in Bio on TikTok.

Link in bio on TikTok - soon for everyone?

A TikTok user shared a screenshot of his profile on Twitter. This shows how any link can be inserted in the profile settings of the app. So far not all users will find the option in their account, but it is to be expected that the feature will soon be rolled out for all users.

🚨 New TikTok feature alert 🚨

The long awaited website in bio feature has just rolled out!

- Sam (@Sphinx) February 19, 2020

While all major platforms actually allow a link to your own website or the insertion of any link, this was not yet possible on TikTok. It was only possible to refer to one's own Instagram profile, which ultimately led subscribers to the website link via detours. But this means a further step for users, where they can jump off. Many companies did not consider TikTok as a social presence as relevant as Instagram, for example.

The introduction of the new feature could now entice more companies to create an account on the video platform in order to reach a younger target group there. Due to the currently stagnating number of users, this should be entirely in the interests of TikTok.